Staff exchange

    Select the most promising candidates for personnel exchange. Organize and conduct an exchange of personnel in both directions in which a lively interaction on scientific and professional issues can take place. 

    The Staff exchange is guided by a Matching Procedure, which is designed to provide process clarity, to ensure transparency, to create the means to inform all key actors about the rights, responsibilities and reporting procedures during the  implementation of the exchange activities.

    The matching procedure provides the baseline information for the participant exchanges: the process flows, the timeline, the evaluation criteria, the information map for the participants and the main process phases (Registration, Evaluation, Exchange and Post Exchange). 

    The target of the staff exchanges is to broaden personal networks and increase the opportunity to engage in joint research activities. Thus, it is important to identify the most promising candidates for the exchange of personnel. Then, organize and conduct the personnel exchanges in both directions in order to ensure a lively interaction on the scientific and professional topics of interest, between USAMV and each of the partners: BOKU, IAMO and WBF.


    Target group

    The target group of the project it is represented by Postdoctoral and PhD students and professors from the four institutions: USAMV, WBF, IAMO and BOKU.


    How to Participate?

    All participants need to follow four main steps, according to the figure below:


    Staff exchange process flow