The 2018 ENHANCE Summer School was a great experience. The organizers created a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere for studying. Housing and food on the campus were excellent and the lectures were held in a familiar atmosphere, providing space for questions and vivid discussions. The exchange with other young researchers was not only fun, but also interesting for my own studies. Activities, such as a city tour through Bucharest, a museum visit and a cultural night complemented the summer school perfectly.


    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Theresa BAUML, PhD Student
    IAMO Leibniz Institute of Agricultural
    Development in Transition Economies, Germany


    The 2018 ENHANCE Summer School provided valuable opportunities which I would not have been able to attain somewhere else. First of all, the lectures were well organized, and covered an extensive amount of topics in a comprehensive way. During the five days, I was introduced to different topics and concepts in the boundary of institutional economics and now I know in which direction I would like to go further. In addition, meeting and communicating with other participants with different cultural and research backgrounds was a truly precious experience. I would also like to appreciate the lively and interactive discussions we had during lectures. Last but not least, the amazing hospitality of the organizers made us feel comfortable during the summer school and enjoy the beautiful city Bucharest. Thank you all very much for such a great experience, and I would definitely recommend this summer school to my colleagues and other students who are interested in institutional economics, who would like to network with students with similar research interests from other countries, and would like to find a hidden gem in Eastern Europe.
    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Hyunjin  PARK,  Master Student
    in  Natural Resource Management
    University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany


    I very much enjoyed the 2018 ENHANCE Summer School in “Institutional Economics and Agricultural Development”, especially for its variety of topics and the participants’ backgrounds. OK, I may be a little bit biased, since lecturers from the institute I work for were teaching. Nevertheless, we had five intensive days during which we were introduced to different schools of thought. We discussed property rights, transaction costs, contract theory, cooperation, political economy and more generally about the role of institutions and institutional change. The in-depth focus on the topics helped me structure this field of literature and narrow it down to the theories that assist me in addressing my own research matters from an institutional economics perspective. It was great to be in Bucharest on this occasion and the campus atmosphere at the USAMV, the accommodation facilities as well as the organized trips to the Village Museum and the State Domains Agency contributed even more to a nice and insightful experience. Fun memories and interesting discussions with wonderful people from twelve countries will surely remind me of a well spent week, too. Last but not least, the staff was very helpful and the food was great!
    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Annamaria HAJDU, PhD Student in Agricultural Economics
    IAMO Leibniz Institute of Agricultural
    Development in Transition Economies, Germany 


    The 2018 ENHANCE Summer School was the first summer school I’ve ever participated in and also being in Bucharest, Romania was for the first time - however, these two things were not the reasons why I applied. The reason was neither more nor less: the topic, but, there is always a “but”, I must say that after the first two days passed, I realized that I went there for an initial wrong reason. Indeed, establishing relationships with colleagues from different nations should have been the first reason (there are plenty of other reasons but I’ll stick to this). Literally, I fell in love with everyone’s hospitality especially with Romanians’ hospitality, also with the campus, where everything was organized, wonderful and so peaceful. During the course week, I learned so much, you cannot believe how much (from other participants, professors and exclusively about myself); aside from this, I have to say I also lost too much (Sorry!). I missed the opportunity to spend more time with each member, I missed the opportunity to introduce myself better, I would have wanted to share more about my country (Albania) and the list goes on and on. I know that if I’m going to redo this experience I’ll be much better next time, for sure! I have returned to my country in Albania, with one more piece of “luggage”. Concluding, I want to thank everyone for filling my good “luggage” because I really see it as good and we shouldn’t forget that “The reward of good is nothing but good.” .
    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Irena Gjika, MSc Student 
    Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania




    I was very delighted to be part of ENHANCE Summer School 2018, it really broadened my knowledge and I was able to meet young researchers with innovating thinking and vast knowledge. I give thanks to IAMO lecturers: Prof. Dr. Thomas Herzfeld, Dr. Vasyl Kvartiuk and Dr. Axel Wolz for the way they facilitated the classes, made sure we were all carrying along and made the classes interactive. The visits to Village Museum, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Bucharest Tour were memories that would make me come back to Bucharest, a very lively and rich in culture city. My special appreciation goes to Dr. Irina Chiurciu for her kind gestures; she was always there to greet the participants. Kudos once again to the organizer of this ENHANCE Summer School and I really recommend this program to postgraduate students especially from Africa.  
    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Femi Sunday AKINWOLE, MBA Student in Project Management
    Bayero University, Nigeria




    I enjoyed the USAMV Bucharest Summer School 2018 very much. We had interesting lectures and a lot of cultural activities. Everything was organized very well. I’m glad I participated in this summer school because I met new interesting people from all over the world and had the opportunity to visit Bucharest. And the most important for me is that I discovered the study topics and approaches of international students and researchers in agricultural economics. I’m glad I was part of such an interesting event. Thanks a lot to the hosting university, the lecturers and the coordinator, Irina! 
    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Yuliia AMELINA
    Agricultural advisory service Dnipro, Ukraine




    This year I took part in the Summer School organized by the ENHANCE consortium for the second time. As after the previous edition, I took a lot of good memories from Bucharest. The school was very well organized and the friendly atmosphere between the participants, organizers and lecturers was conducive to effective education. I would like to express my gratitude to the lecturers for the excellent preparation of content in the field of institutional economics, which is currently one of the most important lines of research in social sciences. Great thanks also to the participants for their involvement and many conversations which proved to be an inspiration for further research. Additional attractions such as sightseeing in Bucharest or the cultural night made our stay in Romania even more enjoyable.  
    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Łukasz Kryszak, PhD Student
    Poznan University of Economics, Poland




    The 2018 Summer School edition on “Institutional Economics” was an excellent opportunity to meet great and well-trained people from all over the world and also to accumulate a lot of knowledge. The lecturers were very well prepared and they managed to interact with the whole group. The theoretical part was rich and the participants’ presentations were interesting and with various topics. I would like to thank the organizers and lecturers for the great experience I took part in! I totally recommend attending the next edition!  
    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Beatris Vasile-Tudor, PhD Student
    University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania




    The hospitality of the USAMV was impressive, the selection of participants was balanced (gender and geography) and provided a space for horizontal and vertical networking. It was a great opportunity to learn from the IAMO team who came well prepared and provided participants avenues to consult with them on their future research 
    Date of Posting: October 2018
    Kayfe Rosaire NWOSU, Master Student in International Agribusiness and Rural Development Economics
     University of Göttingen / University of Kassel, Germany




    When I first found out that there is Summer School organized in my favorite country, almost exactly in the topic of my research and well acknowledged scholars as teachers, I couldn’t believe my luck. The event was exactly what I needed. A lot of useful knowledge, presented in interesting and well organized way. Wonderful people from all around the world, with whom I could exchange opinions and experience. Hospitable and friendly organizers, who managed to turn Bucharest into my second home. I cannot imagine spending that week in a better way. I’m already looking forward for a next edition.
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Jakub Staniszewski, PhD Student
    Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poland
    Department of Macroeconomics and Agricultural Economics


    First of all, I would like to say thank you very much to professors and organizers of this ENHANCE Summer school for sharing their knowledge and hospitality. On the one hand, I think this summer school was a great opportunity for me to learn more about evaluation techniques in public policies program in agriculture. On the other hand, the fact that the students were from different countries helped me a lot to know about other experiences in the world which could serve as an example of public policies for my country.
    Besides, I would like to say that this summer school was very well organized for which concerns the academic schedule, it was very precise and covered all necessary knowledge that we need. Moreover, the professors were experts in the field of study, and they motivated us to go deep in this topic. Also, extracurricular activities allow us to discover the city, enjoy Bucharest and the university.
    Thanks a lot and I hope to see you again!
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Daniel Durán Sandoval, PhD Student
    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain


    ENHANCE was my first summer school of life. The reasons for applying were to enhance my understanding of agricultural policies, meet new friends, explore the society and people, learn from them, and a good chance to visit Romania as well. The school was not only limited to class but also had some excursions, like visit to the Agriculture Ministry. With a week of intensive school and travelling afterwards, I felt that I had experienced more than I had thought. It was a nice chance to observe one’s life with and beyond the academic life simultaneously. I’m usually silent whenever it comes to writing because I feel that some of the experiences can’t be put into words. Let me observe once more closing my eyes and be more informal. Many amiable friends (from 15 different nations), the great hospitality of USAMVB, the gentle care of Andreea (like a real sister to everyone), the beautiful smile of Gina, friendly and enthusiastic professors- Stefan and Matthias, new hostel with funny stories of the showers, all participants in the same corridor of the hostel and so daily gathering and party till late at night, cool roommate (Gijs) & cute smiling neighbor (Magda), lovely tour partners- Francesca and Daniel, the cultural night with food, drinks and dance, almost daily guided tours, beautiful people and places around (Sinia, Brasov, Sighisoara).
    Oh! I can’t go anymore as it makes me feel that I have left so many beautiful things behind in Romania. I’m extremely happy that this chapter exists in the book of my life.
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Raja Ram Mehta
    MSc. SIA (International Agribusiness and Rural Development Economics)
    University of Göttingen and University of Kassel, Germany


    I really appreciated the organization of this summer school as I think it represents an excellent opportunity to deepen the issues related to the evaluation of public policies in agricultural sector since it is rare to find a similar study program on this specific topic. The information acquired has fully fulfilled my expectations; the lecturers, with their experience and academic preparation, were always ready to answer our questions or to clarify our doubts. The organization was perfect and the organizational staff was present starting from the first request of information until our departure from Bucharest.
    I really recommend this summer school.
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Agrisystem Doctoral School, Università Cattolica di Milano, Italy


    When I found the information about this year’s Summer School, I thought that it could be a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge and make scientific contacts with young researchers from other European Union countries. On the other hand, I was afraid that under the attractive names of the courses there was really valuable content. After a few days, however, it turned out that the level of classes was high, which was primarily due to the excellent lecturers. I will use my skills to address the problem of policy evaluation in both scientific and teaching work. Another value of the School was the opportunity to learn about many cultures, including those from outside Europe. I also hope that the contacts established with other participants will be the foundation for further cooperation.
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Łukasz Kryszak, PhD Student
    Poznan University of Economics, Poland


    I choose this Summer school because of the topic. It is very close to my professional interests. The summer school “Policy Evaluation in Agriculture” gave me the opportunity to discover more information about the normative foundations of policy evaluation over methodological tasks to public policy as the object of evaluation. I improved my current knowledge about the issue. It was very easy to interact with lecturers and I enjoyed the way they transfer the knowledge. During my education I learned about some parts of evaluation process, but during this week it was great to see the whole evaluation process logic from beginning till end. All parts of courses were well organized. The administrative organization and the atmosphere created between participants and lecturers during the courses were just excellent. In addition to the knowledge acquired the most important thing was networking. I met wonderful people, my friends, and there is opportunity for future (professional) collaboration. I really enjoyed my stay in Bucharest and I will come again for sure.
    I want to recommend the program like this to all students and young researchers!
    Thanks a lot to our Romanian hosts! Thanks for the opportunity to be part of such a good project! See you next year!
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Magdalena Zrakić, Postdoctoral Researcher
    Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Croatia


    The lectures were very informative and covered a wide range of policy evaluation tools. As a result, we developed a concept that evaluates specific agricultural policy instruments. I particularly liked that each group picked their own instrument. The lecturers and other trainees were engaging, very approachable and facilitated animated discussions.
    Being able to connect with other young researchers and professionals from different disciplines all around the world was a privilege and a huge advantage of participating in the summer school programme. We had a great time both in- and outside of the course and enjoyed discovering Bucharest together.
    I also found the course to be extremely well organised and everything ran according to schedule. The organisers responded quickly during all phases of the programme, helped out with travel plans and did everything possible to make me feel most welcome in Bucharest. I would like to thank everyone who made this trip one I will never forget.
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Annina Hittmeyer
    Master Student in Development Economics
    University of Göttingen, Germany


    The Summer School "Policy Evaluation in Agriculture" was a great opportunity for me to better understand the evaluation phases, as my PhD thesis is based on Agricultural Policies. The information was well structured and consistent, considering the short amount of time that we spent together.
    The two lecturers were well prepared, they were able to answer all our questions and to clarify all the misunderstandings from our side.
    I met a lot of wonderful people, from different countries, people with a lot of experience in the field and I can say that I had a lot to learn from both the lecturers and the other participants.
    Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend this Summer School and see you at the next edition as well!
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Roxana Franzutti, PhD Student
    University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania


    For me this summer school 2017 was so special and it was a great opportunity to learn about policy making in Agriculture from Swiss and German experts and more importantly to get to know, interact and network with many academically and professionally strong minds across the world in the Agriculture domain.
    The structure of the course had the right mix of theory and practical session via working in groups for better understanding of the concepts taught in class. Apart from the lecture sessions, there was always a nice and fun part in the evening which will definitely be a cherishing moment for life for many. Overall it is a well packed program for the participants and I would for sure recommend to others to participate in the coming editions. Of course you will love the beautiful Bucharest :)
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Vijayarangan ARUNMOZHISELVAN
    Master Student in Sustainable International Agriculture
    Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany


    The ENHANCE Summer School was an amazing opportunity and I am glad I had the chance to participate and work with a great group of people. The quality and experience of the lecturers Dr. Stefan Mann and Dr. Matthias Stolze was excellent, also their input during the group project was motivating and inspiring. The organization and the practical arrangements of USAMVB were great and it was for me very valuable to work with participants from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. We simply had a great week together from an academic, cultural and personal perspective.
    I would definitely recommend Master students, PhD students and young researchers to participate in the next edition.
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Gijs Vincent van den Berg
    Wageningen University & Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland


    During the ENHANCE Summer School I had an excellent opportunity to gain better understanding of agricultural policy evaluation. I really appreciate the experience and knowledge our lecturers shared with us. All lectures and tasks were very well structured and coherent, so we stayed focus from the very first minutes of classes until the very last one. I loved the atmosphere during the classes, ability to share and discuss our understanding and knowledge. Finally, it was interesting to meet so much young researchers and students from all over Europe. I truly believe that friendships created during this summer school will be long lasting and finally grow to common projects and works.
    Many thanks to our lecturers and organizers of this summer school! It was a great experience!
    See you next year!
    Date of Posting: October 2017
    Asta Bendoraitytė, PhD Student
    Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania



    2016 Summer School Testimonials


    When I registered to this first course on “Scientific Working”, I was not expecting too much although I had been struggling for a few months with writing and submitting two of my articles. Then, when the first emails about the course program and tasks started to come... it grabbed my attention and started to raise my hopes and expectation. Now, two days after the course completion, I can say that I`m still extremely impressed, even blown away! The course program was perfectly balanced; the theoretical part offered me much new useful information, as the freeware tools I could use to better structure and organize the bibliography, useful tips on how to prepare a manuscript that has high chances to be accepted in a renowned scientific journal. Meanwhile, the practical exercises and application helped me better understand how to present my research results not only during conferences but also in the media, on social networks. I was impressed by the speakers’ experience in the field and by their ease in communication and their engaging way to interact with us. I hope the organizers will accept me as a student in all the future schools and seminars they will organize, as I`m convinced that this courses will be the trampoline for my scientific career. Thank you for offering me this great opportunity!
    Moreover, the participants prepared manuscripts, tried on the “reviewer’s hat”, confronted their fears of speaking in public, in English, got over and learned from the constructive feedbacks and prepared to impress stakeholders in 30-50 seconds using the Elevator speech technique. A special focus was put on different freeware tools that will definitely improve the quality of our research, published articles and research projects submissions.
    We thank the organizers for the great opportunity they gave us and we are looking forward to the first fruitful results!
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Roxana Ciceoi, PhD
    HORTINVEST- Research Center for Studies of Food Quality and Agricultural Products - Researcher


    The ENHANCE Summer School was an excellent opportunity to share experience and knowledge with people coming from other universities inside the EU. It was an interesting and agreeable experience.
    The information shared was very interesting and useful. The networking opportunities for future co-operation, research and publishing activities were also high. The mix between courses and workshops facilitated the learning process and extra classes activities such as the visit to the Romanian Academy were enjoyable and inspiring.
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Violeta Chirilioie
    UASVM-Bucharest - PhD Student


    The summer school “Scientific Working in social and (agricultural) economic science” gave me the opportunity to discover more information about scientific writing and dissemination of research findings. The mix of information was well balanced and consistent and I consider that lecturers managed to cover all the relevant subjects related to the summer school topic in a professional manner. All the activities were very well organized and time was used wisely.
    I particularly enjoyed the visit at the Romanian Academy and the discussions we had with its Vice-President, Acad. Cristian Hera represented a memorable moment. The course was dynamic and entertaining and the examples were practical and all information was clearly presented in a pleasant and attractive manner.
    I will definitely attend the next editions of this summer school and I will recommend it to other PhD students and young researchers.
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Horia Nicolae Ciocan
    UASVM-Bucharest, Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development - Teaching Assistant


    The USAMV Bucharest Agricultural Economics and Policy Summer School on “Scientific Working” was very interesting and useful. The speakers have relevant experience, they were able to answer all our questions, and they were very open and friendly with us, so the courses were more interactive and they didn’t bore us.
    The information and documentation were very well structured, relevant and sufficient considering the five days spent together.
    The theoretical part was combined with the practical one very well.
    New information which I will apply in future was presented.
    I would like to participate in the next edition of the summer school to increase my knowledge regarding agricultural economics and policy.
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Aurora Dobrin, PhD
    HORTINVEST- Research Center for Studies of Food Quality and Agricultural Products - Researcher


    I think it was a very good idea to organize this summer school. I had the opportunity to find out new things, to experience a different teaching system and to practice my English. I’m glad I had the chance to participate in this summer school because I’ve met new people and I had the opportunity to see their way of thinking and developing activities. The presentations, the slideshows and the materials were very good and useful and I hope to use them in my next articles. The speakers managed to be dynamic and entertaining and their examples were practical enough.
    Thank you for your initiative and for this summer school!
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Ștefania Lospa
    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Payments Directorate and Accounting European Funds/ Accounting Service Payments - Counsellor 1A


    All the lectures were really interesting and gave a broad and solid overview of relevant aspects of scientific working. Even though the range of topics was very broad, ranging from scientific writing and publishing to reference management and science communication, the practical examples enabled me to also acquire a deeper knowledge.
    The lecturers gave good answers and were very experienced and the materials they prepared were very good.
    The words that best describe my experience during the ENHANCE summer school are: exciting, interesting, and new!
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Andreas Niedermayr
    University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria - PhD Student


    I found the Summer School experience very interesting. The combination of the knowledge provided and its practical implementation through workshops made the classes both useful for our academic development and also fun. It was very easy to interact with lectures and fill in the gaps in our education.
    I consider the classes very useful, mainly for Master student who have in mind to pursue a PhD programme or an academic career.
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Cristina Andreea Oprea
    UASVM-Bucharest - PhD Student


    Even though I was not so enthusiastic about this summer school when I decided to attend it, after I “graduated”, I could really say that was a great opportunity. Starting with the excellent administrative organization and the atmosphere created between students and lecturers during the courses, but also afterwards, the ENHANCE Summer School was more than an overview of scientific research. The courses presented in a clear and entertaining way represented a very helpful starting point for my future PhD thesis.
    Besides that, I met wonderful people, with a lot of experience in the research area and it provides more confidence that my ideas could have success. See you at the second edition!
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Monica Pantilică
    UASVM-Bucharest, Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development - Master Student


    The ENHANCE Summer School was a very nice experience that I had, just in time to learn how to prepare my Master thesis. Besides that, it brings me a lot of knowledge about scientific working and how one could publish in popular publications from all over the world. The information achieved in just few days was very clear and structured with a lot of examples. There was no doubt about the quality of presentations and also the lecturers’ experience.
    I will surely attend the next editions because it is the perfect place to achieve tips and tricks for my future career as researcher. See you there!
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Mircea Rusu
    UASVM-Bucharest-Management and Internal Audit - Master Student


    ENHANCE summer school was an excellent opportunity for me to discover the research topics addressed by my colleagues, the directions in which they decided to go, different styles and approaches, but especially a good opportunity to understand how you can win over the audience by presenting your work. To be concise but also well understood, you need to master some communication techniques. The ENHANCE project helped me to understand that and to practice these skills.
    Thank you for this opportunity, I will definitely return!
    Date of Posting: October 2016
    Submitted By: Mirela Scarlat
    Accredited PR Practitioner